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Film Directors
"If You are the One 2"
Feng Xiaogang
Starred by: Ge You, Shu Qi, Yao Chen
Documentary Film "Da Ming Palace"
Jin tiemu
Production Company: Xi'an Qujiang Film & TV Investment (Group) Co. Ltd.
Starred by: Chouchou, Cheng Xiaodong, Wang Xuefeng
"Close to the Sun"
Starred by: Fan Xiaoyang, Gong Xuan
"Urtin Duu"
Director: Hasi Chaolu
Starred by: Alatanqiqige
Dai Wei
Starred by: Zheng Hao, Kang Se-jeong, Renqing Dunzhu, Hao Bojie
"The Little Shoeblack"
Director: Zhu Zheng, Li Zhenping
Starred by: Zheng Haoyi, Zhu Longguang, Li Zimo
"Ergun Caravan"
Wang Wensheng, Wei Gongyang
Starred by: Xu Nannan, Yi Kun, Chen Zhuolin
"Wu Shu"
Yu Haojiang
Genre: TV documentary
"A Primer of Chinese Acrobatics"
Chinese Variety Art is the name giving to the collection of performances that include a wide range of acrobatic.
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