Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
• Denise Ho to Challenge "Divine Comedy" in Her Concert
• Chan cements himself in Hollywood
• Old Photo: Michael Jackson and Who?
• Zhang Yimou Signs Contract with Le Vision Pictures
• Fan Bingbing Named the First International Artist of the Year
• Fan Bingbing Reveals All at Cannes
• Chinese Actress Li Bingbing Joins "Transformers 4"
• Tang Wei and Leehom Wang Star in Michael Mann's New Thriller
• Actress Yao Chen Says Baby Expected in July
• Zhang Yimou's Children Spark One-child Policy Debate
• Ang Lee, Kidman join Cannes Film Festival Jury
• Celebs Make Donations to Quake Victims
• Jackie Chan Responds to Anger over Donation Plan
• Star-Studded Red Carpet of 2013 Huading Award
• Jackie Chan Wants his Old Houses to Go Abroad
• 'Iron Man 3' Flies Through Beijing
• Tom Cruise Makes Xiaolongbao in Taipei
• 10th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung's Death
• Chinese Actresses Explore Hollywood
• Michelle Yeoh Receives Life Achievement Award at ASEAN Int'l Film Festival
• Stephen Chow to Star in "Journey" Sequel
• Beautiful Chinese Cover Girls from 30 Years Ago
• Andy Lau Comments on Nominations and Chinese films
• Stars at the 7th Asian Film Awards
• Donnie Yen Meets Uma Thurman with Swords
• Li Bingbing Confirmed to Join "Resident Evil 6"
• Michelle Yeoh Honored at Asian Film Awards
• Fan Bingbing, New Mutant in "X-Men: Days of Future Past"
• Wong Kar Wai to Lead Master Class at 37th HKIFF
• Li Bingbing Graces Cover of Fashion Weekly
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