Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
• China Busts Online Piracy Website
• China to Set up Broadcasting Operations Firm
• More Overseas Promotion Needed for Chinese Films
• SARFT Merged with Press Regulator
• Chinese Films Ought to Work on Telling Chinese Stories
• Beijing Smog Stifles Oscar-nominated Director in Artistic Creation
• Most Influential Powers of Chinese Film Industry Revealed
• Foreign Films Overtake Domestic Productions at 2012 Chinese Box Office
• Will the Silver Screen Shine?
• China's Box Office Sets New Record in 2012
• Wanda Group Ventures onto the Global Stage
• China, India Make In-depth Dialogue on Strengthening Cooperation
• Policy Issued to Boost Domestic Films
• Foreign Films Puts Pressure on Chinese Movie Market
• 18th CPC National Congress: Cultural Sector Reform
• No Plot Against Foreign Movies: Official
• Quiet debut for 'Time Flies Soundlessly'
• Jonathan Kos-Read: From Beipiao to Film Actor
• Busan Highlights the Best, Newest and Latest
• Overseas Documentary Industry Seeks Cooperation in China
• Chinese Actors Say Ni Hao to Hollywood
• China's Wannabes Behind the Oscar Obsession
• Looper: Hasta la vista, Maybe?
• Stringent Copyright Protection at China's Animation Fair
• FCCE's User-generated Movie Format Entertainment Experience Heads to China
• Chinese Actresses Get Short Shrift in New Hollywood Epics
• Filmmakers from 71 Countries, Regions Vie for Foreign-language Oscars
• Asian-American Actors Turn to Chinese Film Market
• Film Makers View City as Derivative Products Base
• Co-production Helps Chinese Films Go Global
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