Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
• A Belt and Road film week at Shanghai Int'l Film Festival
• Film event in Shanghai fosters cultural cooperation
• Curtain raised on Shanghai International Film Festival
• Pop star Dilraba Dilmurat releases new photos
• 500 films from around the world to be screened during SIFF
• The 2019 (15th) Sichuan TV Festival set for autumn
• International television festival kicks off in Shanghai
• Chinese coming-of-age romantic film released on screen
• Kris Wu releases new photos for the concert tour
• Actress Song Qian poses for fashion magazine
• Actor-singer William Chan releases new photos
• Actor Yang Yang poses for fashion magazine
• Young actress Zhou Dongyu releases fashion photo
• Actor Zhu Yilong releases new fashion shoots
• Young idol Wang Junkai releases fashion photo
• Chinese movie on Red Army to hit screen in June
• Actress Tang Yan on the cover of fashion magazine
• Actress Song Qian poses for fashion magazine
• Wild Goose Lake contends for Golden Palm Award
• Film of Chinese composer to be shown in China, Kazakhstan
• Actor-singer William Chan attends fashion event
• Actor-singer Wang Junkai releases new photos
• Smart Cinema to further promote Chinese films to the world
• Peking Opera-themed film Enter the Forbidden City released
• Zhang Yimou's new action epic Shadow wins plaudits
• The Wandering Earth pulls out of theaters
• My Best Summer will hit domestic theaters on June 21
• Chasing the Dragon sequel to release on June 6
• Young icon Wang Yuan releases fashion shoots
• Pop singer Jolin Tsai poses for fashion magazine
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