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• Top 10 highest-grossing 2018 films in the Chinese market
• Top actor Eddie Peng covers the fashion magazine
• Top star Zhao Liying poses for the fashion magazine
• Madame Tussauds Beijing unveils William Chan's wax figure
• Spy thriller to hit screens this month
• Young actress Lin Yun covers the fashion magazine
• Pop star Cai Xukun poses for fashion magazine
• Chinese top actress Shu Qi covers the fashion magazine
• Pop actress Yang Mi covers the fashion magazine
• Bittersweet film is medicine for the soul
• Reunion of cast of 'Journey to the West'
• 'Animal World' tops China's box office on opening day
• Pop star Li Yuchun performs in Beijing
• "Chinese Modern Film Week" concludes in Warsaw
• Stars dazzle in 'Vogue Film' magazine in black and white
• Actress Angelababy releases fashion shoots
• Pop star Gulnezer Bextiyar poses for fashion magazine
• Top actress Li Bingbing covers the fashion magazine
• Actor Lei Jiayin poses for the fashion magazine
• Chinese filmmakers move to put better systems in place
• Actress Zhang Tianai covers the fashion magazine
• Top actress Kara Wai covers the fashion mgazine
• SCO states to increase film cooperation
• Qing Dynasty trade movie begins shooting in Guangzhou
• Top actor Eddie Peng poses for fashion magazine
• Fashion power of 'Produce 101' girls
• Top actress Liu Yifei covers the fashion magazine
• Back from Beyond: Madame Tussauds immortalizes Hong Kong rocker
• Fashion star Ni Ni covers the fashion magazine
• A total of 101 trainees which girl will you 'pick' ?
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