Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
• New look of pop idol Kris Wu
• Chinese mainland summer box office breaks record
• Actress Yang Mi releases new photos
• Pop idol Wang Junkai at TFBOYS concert
• Singer-actor Lu Han releases new fashion photos
• Actress Gulnazar attends news conference
• Looking Up continues to top Chinese mainland box office
• Film based on firefighters' heroics set for release
• Actress Tang Yan in a black velvet dress
• Singer-actor Yiyang Qianxi releases new fashion photos
• Pop singer Hua Chenyu attends public event
• Pop idol Kris Wu new fashion look released
• Pop idol Yiyang Qianxi releases new photos
• Chinese TV dramas are very popular in Mongolia
• The Three-Body Problem starts animation adaptation
• China improved rising number of cultural products
• Huang Bo set to star in People Caught by the Light
• Fresh photos of actor Liu Haoran at Milan
• Summer look of actor Yang Yang in Thailand
• Castle of Dreams a favorite at Shanghai Intl Film Festival
• Movie on Chinese Qomolangma climbers to premiere in autumn
• Asian New Talent awards unveiled at the 22nd SIFF
• Actress Tong Liya in a pretty evening gown
• SIFF offers clues about Chinese upcoming releases
• Filmmakers confident about China's movie market
• New blockbuster expected to continue China's sci-fi fever
• A Belt and Road film week at Shanghai Int'l Film Festival
• Film event in Shanghai fosters cultural cooperation
• Curtain raised on Shanghai International Film Festival
• Pop star Dilraba Dilmurat releases new photos
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