Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
• Actress Zhang Tianai covers fashion magazine
• Highlights of 11th Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong
• Fan Bingbing wins Best Actress of 11th Asian Film Awards
• Actress Liu Yan covers fashion magazine
• Leon Lai promotes his directorial debut in Beijing
• Film "Father and Son" to hit theaters on July 21
• Actress Yang Mi poses for fashion magazine
• Deng Chao hints at appearance in Zhang Yimou's upcoming film
• Actress Zhang Ziyi poses for fashion magazine
• Huang Xiaoming and Yang Mi pose for fashion magazine
• New film thriller to hit theaters March 31
• Actress Yu Nan poses for fashion shots
• Chinese studios to produce Kurosawa's shelved script
• Actress Gulnazar shoots for fashion magazine
• Actor Yang Yang poses for fashion magazine
• Actress Zhang Xinyu shoots for fashion photos
• Actress Dilraba Dilmurat poses for fashion magazine
• Actress Tang Yan shoots for fashion photos
• Chinese celebrities make an appearance at Paris Fashion Week
• Chinese actress Yang Zi poses for fashion magazine
• Tony Leung to be part of 'Monster Hunt 2'
• Chinese actress Liu Yifei poses for a magazine
• Actress Li Feier covers fashion magazine
• Actor Ma Tianyu releases fashion photos
• Actress Wang Ou releases fashion photos
• Singer Li Yuchun covers fashion magazine
• Actress Hsu Chi covers fashion magazine
• Actress Zhang Tianai covers fashion magazine
• Chinese Singer Lu Han releases new MV
• Press conference for movie "The Liquidator" held in Beijing
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