Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
• Andy Lau's first show since severe injury
• 'Wolf Warrior II' is victor at box office
• 'Legend of the Naga Pearls' set to hit screens
• Chinese actress Amber Kuo poses for fashion magazine
• Chinese actress Tang Wei poses for fashion magazine
• Actor Liu Ye poses for fashion magazine
• 'Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace' releases style posters
• Chinese actress Gong Li poses for fashion magazine
• Jay Chow participates in basketball activity
• Chinese actress Tang Wei poses for fashion magazine
• Music group TF Boys' fashion shoot
• Actress-model Lin Chi-ling poses for fashion magazine
• Fantasy movie releases Chinese-style posters
• TV documentary showcases early history of PLA
• 'Wolf Warrior II' to hit screens on July 28
• 'The Rap of China' turns underground music into mainstream
• Is China's film market suffering from heatstroke?
• Domestic films expected to thrive at summer box office
• Actress Zhao Liying covers fashion magazine
• Singer Jolin Tsai covers fashion magazine
• Actress Liu Tao poses for fashion magazine
• 'Battle of Memories' tops box-office charts in China
• Actress Zhang Tianai covers fashion magazine
• Actor Zhang Ruoyun poses for fashion magazine
• Chinese films awarded at annual WorldFest-Houston in US
• 'Monkey King', 'Song of the Sea' winners at China festival
• Chinese films awarded at Houston international film festival
• Sci-fi film 'Meow' features a cute creature
• Chinese film festival starts in Budapest with Jackie Chan
• Fan Bingbing joins jury of 70th Cannes Film Festival
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