Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
  • Chinese Film Week held in Prague, Czech Republic
  • The Beijing Film and TV International Show held in Hungary
  • Myanmar-China to coproduce film about Bagan ancient city
  • Movie based on ethnic unity campaign set for release
  • Theme park based on movies to be built in Hainan
  • Closing ceremony of 9th Beijing Intl Film Festival held
  • Tibetan director Pema Tseden's latest film to be released
  • Chinese actress Wu Jinyan released fashion photos
  • Movie festival discussed on Chinese opera films
  • China-produced disaster film 'SkyFire' to debut worldwide
  • Pop star Dilraba Dilmurat releases fashion photo
  • Jury panel of Tiantan Award holds press conference
  • Chinese documentary films make waves at Asian festival
  • 34 movies to be screened at BCSFF for college students
  • TV series on the younger generation draws good response
  • Hong Kong movie P Storm tops daily China box office
  • Rob Minkoff to lead the jury of Tiantan Awards
  • "Song of Youth" tops daily China box office
  • New Chinese film attracts movie-goers in Iraq
  • Chinese actress Kan Qingzi attends fashion event
  • Collective Memories in the Chinese Nation's History
  • Singer-actor Yiyang Qianxi released fashion photo
  • Song of Youth revives school memories for viewers
  • Preparations for Beijing International Film Festival
  • Top actress Shu Qi releases new fashion photos
  • Romantic film 'More than Blue' tops China's box office
  • Shanghai film festival releases new-style poster
  • Guangzhou documentary festival solicits entries worldwide
  • Chinese young actor Liu Haoran attends a fashion event
  • Actress Tang Yan poses for the fashion magazine
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