Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
  • 'The Wandering Earth' continues to lead Chinese box office
  • Chinese film wons Silver Bears for Best Actor and Actress
  • Chinese sci-fi films dominate Spring Festival market
  • Real-life topics becoming a hit in China's movie market
  • China to screen 13 films during Spring Festival holiday
  • China's movie box office reaches 60.98 bln yuan in 2018
  • Hainan holds first international film festival
  • China's box office rakes 56 bln yuan in 2018's 11 months
  • Yangtze region film & TV integration makes industry smooth
  • Young directors moan about lack of support for genre films
  • The eternal truths of art are on show
  • Domestic adventure tops China's box office
  • Small cities play growing role in film market
  • Interview: China's film market promising: Dreamworks CEO
  • Film company : "Transformers 4" to center on China
  • Chinese Government Supports Local Animation Industry
  • Chinese Studio Beijing Enlight Sees Stock Slide
  • China's Movie Market on Fire
  • Looking for Real Film Co-production
  • French Film Fest Offers Gateway to China Market
  • Wuxi Studio Brings Modern Film Production to City
  • "Iron Man 3" Stays Atop China's Box Office
  • Top Grossing Chinese Film Sets a Record
  • RealD Signs 3D Technology Deal for 50 Cinemas in China
  • China's Baidu to Pay $370 Million for Internet Video Business
  • Australian Government Official Promotes Co-production Project
  • Beijing Film Market Signs 8.731 Bln Deals
  • Film, TV Industries Contribute $15.5 Billion to China's Economy
  • Sino-Foreign Film Co-Production Forum Held in BJ
  • Chinese Films Have Originality and Imagery, Said Weta Founder
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