Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
  • Chinese film wons Silver Bears for Best Actor and Actress
  • Chinese sci-fi films dominate Spring Festival market
  • China's Sci-Fi film The Wandering Earth got amazing grade
  • Only one crime thriller in cinemas for Spring Festival
  • Real-life topics becoming a hit in China's movie market
  • China to screen 13 films during Spring Festival holiday
  • Film 'China Salesman' to Hit Chinese Screens on Jan 9
  • China's movie box office reaches 60.98 bln yuan in 2018
  • Chinese comedy Kung Fu Monster released on cinema screen
  • Chinese film hailing internet boom to hit big screens
  • Film depicting Ningxia poverty struggle hits cinemas
  • Film to mark reform and opening-up set for release
  • Hainan holds first international film festival
  • Stories of China's reform and opening-up win applause
  • New film records Shenzhen's growth of opening up
  • China's box office rakes 56 bln yuan in 2018's 11 months
  • Film Integrity will hit China's theaters on Feb 5
  • Xiao Han's New Documentary film released on Dec 1
  • Yangtze region film & TV integration makes industry smooth
  • Domestic comedy "A Cool Fish" leads Chinese box office
  • Chinese Film Week kicks off in Lisbon on Nov 25
  • New China's sci-fi blockbusters era is coming soon
  • The Last Mile on a road to box office success
  • Hainan to hold first int'l film festival in December
  • Long Day's Journey into Night made director sleep less
  • Hong Kong director unveils new martial arts comedy
  • Chinese animation film Crystal Sky of Yesterday released
  • Taihu World Cultural Forum focus on Chinese film culture
  • The second Pingyao film festival opens in Shanxi
  • Zhang Yimou's visual presentation of Chinese beauty
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