Golden Horse Zhang ZiyiJia ZhangkeZhang Yimou"Conspirators"Bona
  • "Ready Player One" continues to lead Chinese box office
  • China's collaboration in movie industry creates blockbuster
  • Panorama section of Beijing International Film Festival begins
  • 'Wrath of Silence' sees Xin return to familiar territory
  • Growing influence of Earth Hour
  • Comedy great's comeback film set for April release
  • From bravery to mystery
  • Eighth Beijing Intl Film Festival jury includes Wong Kar-wai
  • 'Amazing China' passes 300 mln yuan box office
  • Ministers heap praise on movie 'Amazing China' at two sessions
  • Success of 'Operation Red Sea' echoes Yemen rescue mission
  • China's box office hits record high during Spring Festival holiday
  • Box office surged in Chinese Lunar New Year
  • Small cities see skyrocketing holiday box office sales
  • Military action film "Operation Red Sea" released in U.S.
  • Romantic comedy to hit screens ahead of Valentine's Day
  • Brief reunion focus of Peter Chan's  film for Spring Festival
  • Stars dazzle in Marie Claire's latest issue
  • Commentary: China, India need Aamir Khan films and more
  • China box office to grow 12 pct annually: UBS
  • Li weaves a wider web with Sino-Australian coproduction
  • Bollywood film's Chinese earnings outpace India's
  • Russian space film "Salyut-7" impresses Chinese audiences
  • Filming for China-Singapore coproduction begins
  • Chinese movies earn 4 bln yuan abroad in 2017
  • Film confronts horrors of 'comfort women'
  • 'Comedy General Mobilization' season finale airs Saturday
  • China Busts Online Piracy Website
  • China to Set up Broadcasting Operations Firm
  • More Overseas Promotion Needed for Chinese Films
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