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The Three-Body Problem starts animation adaptation

2019-06-28 09:54:02        xinhua

One Chinese online video sharing platform on Wednesday evening launched the animation adaptation of Liu Cixin's sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem.

Officially named Remembrance of Earth's Past, the three-part saga is more widely known by the name of its first book The Three-Body Problem. Its plot revolves around young physicist Ye Wenjie's contact with the Trisolaran civilization living in a three-sun system and the following centuries-long clashes between earthlings and the aliens.

"Animation, as an image artform, is especially suitable for presenting science fiction content. I look forward to seeing the adaptation go beyond my imagination," Liu Cixin said at the launch ceremony.

China's sci-fi sector has long hoped that screen adaptations of the country's first Hugo Award winner could expand the influence of sci-fi written works, a nice market in China, allowing it to become more mainstream.

Earlier this year, the movie adaptation of Liu's The Wandering Earth gave the sci-fi movie industry strong impetus by becoming China's second-highest grossing movie of all time.

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