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TV series on the younger generation draws good response

2019-04-09 15:55:14        China Daily
After a hiatus of around three years, director Zhao Baogang is back on the small screen with Youth Fight, now the third highest-rated TV drama in China.

The 38-episode TV series is now running on two satellite TV channels in Beijing and Shanghai.

A graduate of Communication University of China, Zhao recently returned to his alma mater alongside the cast members to promote the drama.

Zhao, best known for youth-themed TV hits such as Struggle (2006) and Beijing Youth (2011), is considered as a leading figure when it comes to telling stories on TV reflecting the young generation in China.

"Today's youngsters are quite different from my generation. But I'm still curious about their thoughts, dreams and struggles," says Zhao, now 64.

Youth Fight recounts the stories of five young women from their days as new college graduates.

Zhao says that at least 80 percent of the sequences in Youth Fight are based on true stories.

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