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Song of Youth revives school memories for viewers

2019-03-26 13:04:20        China Daily

Crosstalk performer Yu Qian is showing that he can be more than a comedian in the new film Song of Youth.

In the movie -- also Yu's lead-acting debut -- which opened across Chinese mainland on March 22, he is a devoted teacher who uses his wit and love to help a wild and naughty student.

The film, directed by Zhang Luan, also features Tang Mengjia, Wang Guangyuan, Qin Mingyue, Xu Zili and Sun Yiyang.

At the Beijing premiere of the movie on March 20, dozens of celebrities showed up, including action star Wu Jing, comedian Guo Degang and Lenovo's founder Liu Chuanzhi.

Yu says the film is a mark of his respect and appreciation for three teachers who were very influential in his teens and later.

Most of the audience at the premiere said the film reminded them of their middle-school years.

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