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Preparations for Beijing International Film Festival

2019-03-25 13:06:15        China Daily

The 9th Beijing International Film Festival is scheduled to run from April 13 to 30.

Launched in 2011, the upcoming festival will also feature a forum on April 14 to discuss the development of Chinese films since the country's founding.

As part of the festival, around 500 films will be divided into 16 units and be shown in 30 cinemas in Beijing from April 6.

An "India film week" will also be held during the festival.

Menawhile, for this year's Tiantan Award 15 films produced after Jan 1, 2018 will be shorlisted.

According to Wang Jue, the deputy secretary-general of the organizing committee, 775 films from around the world, including 107 films from the mainland, are competing up for the award, and seven renowned filmmakers will comprise the international jury.

The Tiantan Award will be announced at the closing ceremony on April 20.

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