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Chinese stoneware documentary starts shooting in October

2018-09-26 13:32:42        China Daily
The documentary series Century Masters has scheduled shooting for three episodes on the history and masters of Chinese red stoneware at the artifact's birthplace – Yixing, in East China's Jiangsu province.

As a renowned cultural city, Yixing is home to many distinguished artistic figures, such as painters Xu Beihong and Wu Guanzhong. It has also long enjoyed praise from ancient and contemporary literati, because of the beautiful Taihu Lake.

And the elegant Yixing red stoneware, made from Taihu clay, exemplifies the sophisticated local craftsmanship. Listed as one of the first national intangible cultural heritages, it carries on a legacy which dates back over a thousand years.

The documentary episodes will be the first to reveal the art of red stoneware at such an extensive scale. The production crew works with experts, scholars and artisans to recreate historical details of this art form. More intangible heritages will be included in Century Masters afterwards.

"These episodes of Century Masters emphasize cultural heritage and craftsmanship, which will bring the charm of red stoneware to more people," said Shen Jian, Party secretary of Yixing.

"Red stoneware is the cultural symbol of Yixing," said Li Xiaolin, executive producer of Century Masters. "It combines some of the best traditional Chinese culture and techniques, and reflects the lifestyle of Chinese people."

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