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Film recounts premier Zhou's time in Yan'an

2018-09-12 13:30:24        China Daily
To mark the 120th anniversary of the birth of late premier, Zhou Enlai, the China Culture Media Group is producing a movie titled Zhou Zongli Hui Yan'an (Premier Zhou returns to Yan'an) which will be in theaters next March.

The Chinese cast includes actor Liu Jin, a "specialist actor" for Zhou, Tang Guoqiang, who plays Chairman Mao Zedong and actress, Huang Wei, who stars Zhou's wife, Deng Yingchao. The film will look back on the revolutionary years between 1935 to 1948, when China's Communist Party was based in Yan'an, Shaanxi province, will tell the stories of the revolutionary pioneers, public servants and people in Yan'an back then. It will also recount Zhou's visit on June 9, 1973, through detailed stories told by his children and bodyguards.

To ensure the veracity of these stories, the producer invited Yang Shengqun, former vice director of the Party Literature Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, and other experts, to act as consultants on the movie, as well as holding several symposiums to discuss the storyline and narrative style.

Liu, who is also directing the film, says that the market lacks film and TV series focusing on Zhou's later life and the day of his return to Yan'an, so the film will provide the audience with an opportunity to learn from the great leader.

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