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Hit show 'Movie Talk' returns for second season

2018-06-05 09:34:34        China Daily

Movie Talk, a popular television program where top performers share their knowledge of the art of acting, will debut its second season on China Central Television's movie channel CCTV-6 this week.

Award-winning actress, Zhou Xun, will return to host the 16-minute talk show which airs at 10pm every Wednesday and Thursday evening, starting June 6.

The show promises a stellar line-up of guests, all of whom are veteran performers or award-wining artists, including Joan Chen, Chen Jianbin, Shu Qi, Song Jia, Wang Baoqiang, Wang Yanhui and Yu Hewei.

Movie Talk was an unexpected hit when the first season aired last year, scoring a nine out of ten rating on popular TV and movie review site, Douban, accumulating 320 million "clicks" on micro-blogging platform, Sina Weibo and being viewed more than 70 million times on China's major video-streaming sites.

Speaking of the figures, Zhou says it has made her recognize the "huge influence of actors" and wishes the public will better understand the actors' zeal and passion about performance.

"Most actors are self-restrained or low-profile in their personal lives, but they will demonstrate the strong emotions and their power in front of cameras," she explained at a promotional evening in Beijing on May 25. "I hope the audiences will obtain more knowledge about acting through watching the show."

In the series premier, Shanghai-born actress, screenwriter, producer and director Joan Chen — a two-time best actress winner of at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, among other accolades — will reveal how her life has become more colorful as a result of her portrayal of popular characters in global hits like The Last Emperor and Twin.

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