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Animation festival sees Chinese stories gain favor overseas

2018-06-04 10:45:49        China Daily

The 14th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival dropped its curtain in May in Hangzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province.

This year's festival was marked by a record high turnout since its establishment in 2005.

The six-day event attracted 2,641 organizations and institutes as well as 5,760 traders, exhibitors and professional viewers from 85 countries and regions.

This year's animation festival also shattered its record on turnover, which amounted to 16.3 billion yuan ($2.56 billion).

Here are three key takeaways on Chinese animation industry from the festival. Let's take a look.

Chinese animation on a massive rise

The year 2017 witnessed Chinese animation industry on a trajectory of explosive growth in terms of both market performance and capacity, with the industry worth up to 150 billion yuan ($23.63 billion).

Among a great number of quality animated films and series produced in 2017, several phenomenons like Fights Break Sphere and The King's Avatar were the highlights of last year's Chinese animation industry.

"The domestic animation industry has stepped up its efforts to shift from quantity-oriented growth to quality-oriented growth. Some 244 animated cartoons, a total of 83.6 thousand minutes, were produced throughout 2017," noted Gao Changli, director of the publicity department of the State Administration of Radio and Television at the festival.

China's population of nijigen (people who are fans of anime, cartoons and games from Japan) has exceeded 300 million, according to a report published in September 2017 by Entgroup Inc, an entertainment industry tracker.

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