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Pop idols feature cybersecurity-themed TV series

2018-05-15 09:20:06        China Daily

Hong Kong singer-actor William Chan and Uygur actress Guli Nazha are starring in the forthcoming TV series, Dancing in the Storm.

Filming has just begun for the series jointly produced by Ciwen Media, iQiyi and Manmei Film & Television.

The story is about Li Junjie, a cybersecurity company employee -- played by Chan -- who discovers his company's lnks with foreign criminals.

The series, directed by Liu Xin, known for the 2017 hit period series The King's Woman, also features Guo Jiahao, Song Yanfei, Dong Yanlei, Wang Tonghui and Chen Chuhai.

The series will have scenes shot in China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

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