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'Wrath of Silence' sees Xin return to familiar territory

2018-04-04 14:19:58        China Daily

With the success of sleeper hit The Coffin in the Mountain, widely acclaimed as one of the best domestic titles from 2015, director Xin Yukun has returns to his comfort zone — crime thrillers.

His second directorial feature, Wrath of Silence, will debut in Chinese mainland theaters April 4.

Inspired by real-life stories about the mining industry in Baotou, Inner Mongolian autonomous region, the new movie recounts a case which interweaves the destinies of three once-unrelated people: a lawyer, a mine owner and a mute villager.

The three protagonists are played by veteran actors Yuan Wenkang, Jiang Wu and Song Yang.

Adopting a dark, cold tone, the story delves into the complexity of humanity as well as the struggles of lower-class people in northern China.

Dozens of celebrities attended the opening ceremony of Wrath of Silence on Sunday night in Beijing.

Award-winner Xia Yu says the plotline is unfolded with a well-crafted narration full of twists and suspense, a strength for most genre-oriented Chinese films.

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