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Andy Lau's first show since severe injury

2017-08-11 15:37:27        xinhua

After six months of recuperation from a severe injury suffered in an accident, Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau finally reappeared in Beijing on Tuesday to promote his new film.

The actor attended the premiere of The Adventures with director Stephen Fung, as well as fellow actors Jean Reno, Yo Yang, Sha Yi and actresses Shu Qi and Zhang Jingchu.

"I'm very good now, and sorry to have caused you to worry about me," Lau said after trotting onto the stage. "Now, I'm back to what I was half a year ago. I can freely talk and laugh; I can bounce and jump."

Lau was injured after he fell off a horse in an accident while filming a commercial in Thailand on Jan 17, 2017, resulting in pelvic laceration. He put all work on hold for six months to undergo convalescence, including promotion of his film Shock Wave in April as well as dozens of concerts and shows.

The film premiered in Beijing is a treasure hunt action feature about the quest of three thieves traversing Europe while dodging a pursuing police officer. Lau also served as an executive producer for the project.

The director revealed that the role played by Lau was intended for actor Feng Shaofeng. But Feng was injured and unable to shoot the film. Fung said he was so anxious at that time that his hair "went white" because it was almost unprecedented for a switch in the leading role to take place one month before the film was ready to shoot. At last Lau agreed to join in to solve the worries.

Lau joked at the premiere that due to director Fung's romantic vision, he looked "even more handsome" in this film than any others in which he had starred.

The film is set for release on Aug 11.

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