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'Wolf Warrior II' to hit screens on July 28

2017-07-31 16:24:29        xinhua
One of the most anticipated blockbusters, the special force-themed action thriller Wolf Warrior II will hit big screen on July 28.

The sequel of 2015 hit Wolf Warrior will see the return of Leng Feng, a former Chinese Special Forces sergeant.

The new film follows Leng as he locates terrorists in Africa.

Wu Jing, the Chinese actor, plays Leng and also directs the film.

The cast comprises veteran actor Wu Gang, who's known for the hit TV series In the Name of People, actor Zhang Han, and Hong Kong actress Celina Jade.

With a big budget, the crew — from more than 10 countries — shot most of its scenes in Africa, and used 12 military tanks, two helicopter props and more than 100 cars for the film.

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