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Deng Chao hints at appearance in Zhang Yimou's upcoming film

2017-03-16 15:30:01        xinhua

Chinese actor Deng Chao seems to have confirmed that he is set to appear in a new film directed by famed director Zhang Yimou.

Over the weekend, the actor posted on his Weibo account a photo of a script cover with his name written on it. The caption of the photo said in Chinese "Hello everyone, I am Zhang Yimou," suggesting that the film is to be directed by the internationally known filmmaker.

During a public appearance at the Loyola Marymount School of Film and TV in Los Angeles last month, Zhang confirmed that he is working on an untitled historical drama focused on the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

Deng Chao had been rumored to star in the new project, along with other big names like Gong Li and Yang Yang.

The Three Kingdoms Period refers to a span of 60 years in the 3rd century, when the Kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu dominated what is currently central, southern and eastern China.

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