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Denise Ho to Challenge "Divine Comedy" in Her Concert

2013-06-08 11:20:25 Quarterly

Danise Ho promotes her upcoming concert in Beijing Wednesday June the 5th, 2013. [Photo:]

Hong Kong pop singer Denise Ho arrived in Beijing Wednesday to promote her show, titled "Coexistence".

She will perform in Shanghai at her first solo vocal concert on June 29 and will appear on stage in Beijing on July 6.

Speaking on the concert, she expressed her hope that she will be able to break through darkness to find "coexistence" with her audience via a rock show. She will not only present her classical songs, but also cover songs by Chinese mainland singers such as Cui Jian, a pioneer in Chinese rock music and one of the first Chinese artists to write rock songs. Ho also disclosed that to echo with the theme of the concert, she will take a super group photo in high definition at the venue, which will enable fans to find themselves in the photo to reflect on the true value of coexistence.

Ho's master, the late Anita Mui, had once planned to hold a concert in Beijing ten years ago. Although official documents had been passed, she was unable to make it due to health issues. Ho said Wednesday that even though she would not specially set up a memorial segment during the concert in a cliche way, she would try to fulfill her master's wishes through delivering the best music possible. Considering the young age of most of her fans, the ticket price range of the concert was set to be from 180 to 680 yuan. Tickets went on sale Wednesday.

Famous Chinese film stars Gao Yuanyuan and Cui Jian have been invited to attend the concert.

Ho admitted that deciding which song to sing tortured her. A survey among her fans on the microblogging site Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, showed that "the Most Dazzling National Wind" by Phoenix Legend was the most popular song choice. She also admitted that she might take on Chinese fusion singer Gong Linna's "Uneasy," the so-called "Divine Comedy." What's more, she admitted that if Wyman Wong could come, she would sing the song "Fahai, You Don't Understand Love", one of Gong Linna's representative songs.

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