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Top Grossing Chinese Film Sets a Record

2013-05-14 08:54:06        China Daily

While the low-budget comedy Lost in Thailand has created a record in ticket sales among China's home-made film productions, it might produce another record, but in a negative way, especially for its producer - Beijing Enlight Media Co.

Wuhan Hua Qi Film &TV Production Co filed a lawsuit against Beijing Enlight Media in early March, claiming that it infringed the copyright of Wuhan Hua Qi's film Lost on Journey. It is claiming compensation of 100 million yuan ($16 million), probably the highest figure in an intellectual property infringement case in the film industry in China.

The plaintiff is a company registered in 2007 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, according to information on its rough and ready website.

A total of four companies have been sued including Beijing Enlight Media. They are all producers of the film Lost in Thailand. Wuhan Hua Qi charged them with illicit competition and copyright infringement.

"Practitioners in the film industry have relatively weak awareness of intellectual property rights protection and very few companies would equip themselves with a complete team of lawyers in a film project or seek professional legal advice in advance," said Shen Zheyan, a cultural industry consultant with the Shenzhen-based CIC Industry Research Center.

"In general, they would resort to legal approaches to safeguard their legal rights after the infringements have taken place, which is liable to cause many legal disputes," he added.

In the civil complaint which Enlight Media has received from the Beijing High People's Court, Wuhan Hua Qi said Enlight Media carried out misleading promotions for Lost in Thailand on purpose, causing people to believe that Lost in Thailand is the sequel to Lost on Journey in an explicit or implicit way, according to the statement released by Enlight Media on March 7.

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