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3rd Beijing International Film festival Drew to Close

2013-04-26 10:00:00        Chinese Films
All eyes were on the National Convention Center in Beijing last night as the 3rd Beijing International Film festival drew to a close. A collection of glamorous stars were out in force gracing the red carpet.

Glitz and glamour, scores of stars, producers, directors and singers parade in front of reporters and fans. Renowned performers including Jay Chow and Sarah Brightman are particular highlights. Some of Hong Kong's most prolific stars including Aaron Kwok and Andy Lau are also on hand to add more charisma to the evening. Jackie Chan's presence arouses excitement and interest with his next kungfu film "New Police Story 2013". Hollywood star Keanu Reeves also graces the event with his presence, showcasing his new film "Man of Taichi".

A display of quintessential Chinese culture, including martial arts and singing, entertains the audience prior to the evening's big winners being announced.

Keanu Reeves and renowned Hong Kong film director John Woo unveil the prize for best actress. Yan Bingyan snatched the prize for her performance in Feng Shui, while the best actor award went to Terrance Stamp for the movie "Song for Marion".

French director Luc Besson attempts his best Chinese with Jackie Chan before presenting the best director award. It looks like he couldn't have done it without Jackie Chan. The best director award went to Kate Shortland for the movie Lore.

The evening's most coveted award for best feature film went to "Back to 1942".

Liu Zhenyun, screenwriter of "BACK TO 1942", said, "I would like to thank everybody especially director Feng Xiaogang. We waited 19 years to make this film. It sheds light on a dark and forgotten time in history, and winning the prize today is the ultimate recognition of our work. "

Paying tribute to quality motion pictures is the primary mission of the Beijing International Film Festival. As more and more homegrown, quality films emerge the festival itself is bound to accumulate more recognition around the world.

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