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'1942' Named Best Film at Beijing Festival

2013-04-25 08:42:26 Quarterly

Actress Xu Fan and actor Zhang Guoli, cast members of the Chinese film "Back to 1942", speak at the awards ceremony of the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival held in Beijing on Tuesday, April 23, 2013. "Back to 1942" was named Best Film. [Photo:]

The 3rd Beijing International Film Festival has drawn to a close with the Chinese Film "Back to 1942" claiming the Best Feature Film prize.

The film has also taken home the Best Visual Effect award.

The film's screenwriter, Liu Zhenyun, has complimented director Feng Xiaogang's effort when receiving the prize, "He has his own special vision of China. So the film he made has represented a part of the Chinese history that has been forgotten by people."

Australian director Cate Shortland was honored as the Best Director with the film "Lore".

Yan Bingyan was awarded as the Best Actress for her performance in the Chinese film "Feng Shui".

The Best Actor award went to Terence Stamp for his role in the British film "Song for Marion".

Sarah Brightman performed at the end of the award's closing ceremony.

The festival's organizers used a blue carpet instead of a red one as a sign of respect to the victims of the Lushan earthquake in southwestern China.

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