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Leon Li Chenhao on His Role in 'Conspirators'

2013-04-16 09:07:19 Quarterly

Leon Li Chenhao talks about his role in Hong Kong cop thriller "Conspirators" in an exclusive interview with "Reel China," an online video show produced by on March 7, 2013. [Photo:]


A Hong Kong thriller, "Conspirators," starring Aaron Kwok and Nick Cheung, will debut on the Chinese mainland on April 27. In addition to the two Golden Horse winners, the film will also boost a newly-rising star Leon Li Chenhao in his police-officer role.

It features a lot of gun fights and high speed car chases shot in Malaysia, where Leon began his first- acting experience in a TV series on romance stories. Leon explains his role in this cop thriller in an exclusive interview with "Reel China," an online video show produced by

"I play a police officer. I created this character, a man of both good and evil. You'll know whether I'm good or bad in the end. I wanted to make it more dramatic and interesting to watch."

Meanwhile, working with two Golden Horse winners excited Leon a lot.

"I've grown up watching these guys acting. I think I've watched at least 20 of their movies each. So it's like literally walking into their film. Aron Kwok always looks very cool on the screen. But in person, he's really talkative and energetic."

Kwok plays a Thailand-based private detective in Malaysia investigating the mysterious killing of his parents. He meets Malaysian detective played by Cheung and they work together investigating a conspiracy.

The film is directed by Pang Chun.

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