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In Conversation with Dan Mintz, CEO of DMG Entertainment

2013-04-09 10:11:32        Chinese Films

Dan Mintz, CEO of DMG Entertainment

Dan Mintz, CEO of DMG Entertainment(R) received interview with CCTV reporterafter the grand premiere ceremony.

After the grand premiere ceremony, our reporter Mu Fangzhou sat down with the film producers. He talked to the CEO of DMG Entertainment, Dan Mintz, to hear about his thoughts on the making of "Iron Man 3", and his vision of the future of China-Hollywood collaboration.
First of all, Dan Mintz generously gives some clues as to the plot of the new movie.

The evolution of tony stark

The character of Doctor Wu is created in Iron Man 3, the first Chinese character in the Marvel Universe. Dan sees it as the beginning of China's integration into a huge franchise in the film industry.

China in the marvel universe

Dan also shares the challenges and excitement of bringing top Chinese actors into the Hollywood scene.

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