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Industry Elite Gather Around First Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum

2013-04-07 14:34:56        Chinese Films

Multiple Topics will be Held Simultaneously in Forum to Provide Comprehensive In-Depth Discussion in Film Industry

On April 21st, the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum will be held in China National Convention Center. Through brainstorming and dialogue exchanges, renowned Chinese and international directors, actors, actresses, and film industry executives will gather around the forum and discuss Sino-foreign film partnership opportunities and fund resources in-depth.

As a major part of Beijing International Film Festival, this year's forum consists of signing ceremonies, forums, artists' hand-prints, and project negotiations.

On this occasion, Chinese and foreign industry elites will exchange their partnerships, where Keanu Reeves will debut as the director as well.

As in the past, topic forum is the most exciting part of the Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum, where Chinese and international artists get the opportunity to brainstorm and break grounds in the industry together. Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, renowned directors Luc Besson and Peter Chan, Vice-Chairman of Galloping Horse Media Co Ltd. Lifang Zhong, and 20th Century Fox Paul Hanneman will deliver keynote speeches. Guest speakers will talk about policies, partnership cases, strategies of cooperation under cultural differences, and various other aspects. By using this opportunity, they will seek mutually beneficial opportunities and global development directions.

Among which, Keanu Reeves's speech will be highly expected. Because on top of starring in the Matrix, Speed, and other renowned Hollywood films, he has another identity now - director. Reeves' first work where he personally directs as well as stars, Man of Tai Chi, will be holding a press conference during the film festival. With his debut as a director, where he has already had Sino-Foreign co-production experience under his belt, how will he dissect or advise the future Sino -Foreign co-production is what everyone has been waiting for the most.

Two sets of Sino-foreign co-productions signed off on-site, with 30 on-going negotiations.

On the day of the forum, Sino-French film, Wolf Totem, and Sino-American film, Sacred Seven, will be holding contract signing ceremonies. Based on a novel by the same name, Wolf Totem is directed by a French director, Jean-Jacques Annaud, where both Chinese and foreign actors and actresses are invited to this film. It was understood that Annaud has been anticipating to work on Wolf Totem for a long time, and he himself is highly optimistic about the future Sino-foreign co-production market. Moreover, China Film Co-production Corporation also hand-picked about 30 domestic and international candidate projects that meet their requirements. The Corporation will provide these projects' producers one-on-one negotiation platforms during their film negotiation periods in order to promote the exchange and partnership between Chinese and foreign filmmakers. Meanwhile, China Film Co-production Corporation will also setup a booth on-site to assist Chinese and international filmmakers in understanding the filmmaking laws and regulations in China and other areas.

Multi-Topic Forum will be Held to Comprehensively Discuss Film Industry In-Depth.

Besides the Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum, many other forums will be held at the same time during the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival to discuss film industry's future from different perspectives. At 2pm on April 22nd, "Film and Technology" forum will be held in China National Convention Center. Executives from the world's top special effects production companies in China, USA, Germany and other countries will focus on the development of 3D films. From April 18th -19th, International Film Makeup and Styling Forum will be held in China National Film Museum. Based on the aesthetic perspectives of different films, film makeup artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, and USA will explore the creativity pattern, aesthetic value, and aesthetic character of film makeup.

Source: Official website of BJIFF

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