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Jury Members for the "Temple of Heaven Awards" Released

2013-04-07 11:27:46        Chinese Films

On April 3, the full line-up of the international jury for the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival's "Temple of Heaven Awards" was officially announced. In addition to the Chairman of the jury panel, famous Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov, who was announced before, the remaining six jurors will be: Cameron Bailey, artistic director of the Toronto International Film Festival, Ivor Benjamin, President of the Directors Guild of Great Britain, renowned Australian producer Geoff Brown, famous Chinese cinematographer and director Gu Changwei, famous South Korean film director Jekyu Kang, and Chinese film director Zhang Yibai.

Nikita Mikhalkov, born in Moscow in 1945, started his career as an actor and later became a director and producer. He is very successful in film production. He is also a widely known director and movie star in Russia. He directed a number of internationally renowned film works such as "A Slave of Love", " Urga: close to Eden ", "Burnt by the Sun", "The Barber of Siberia", and "12".

Nikita Mikhalkov's films have wide global influence, having deep-rooted Russian characteristics. His films are the perfect combinations of Russian national expressions and international, commercial and artistic characteristics, thus creating a unique charm. "At Home Among Strangers", won the Jury Award at Delhi International Film Festival (1975)m, "A Slave of Love" won Best Director at the Tehran International Film Festival (1976), "Five Evenings" won Best Actor Award at Valladolid International Film Festival (1979), "Oblomov" won the Golden Shield of Oxford Award and the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1981), "Without Witness" won the Spanish Confederation of Cinema Clubs Award at Valladolid International Film Festival (1984), "Dark Eyes" won Best Actor at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival, "Urga" won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival (1991) and the State Premium of the Russian Federation (1993), " Burnt by the Sun" won Grand Prize of the Jury at Cannes (1994), an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1995), and a State Prize of the Russian Federation (1995), "12" won a special Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival (2007).

Nikita Mikhalkov is the Chairman of the Russian Cultural Foundation, President of the Russian Federation Film Association, a board member of the European Cine Institute, a full member of the Academy of Humanitarian Sciences of Russia as well as a professor of Academy of Humanitarian Sciences of San Marino. In 2004, Nikita Mikhalkov was the president of the jury panel for the Cinéfondation and shorts films at the 57th Cannes and in 2008, he won an Akira Kurosawa Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Cameron Bailey is the Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada and has contributed to the film festival for 13 years. He has successfully planed and presided over the series of programs "Reel Talk" at the Toronto Film Festival. As the Artistic Director of the Toronto International Film Festival, Bailey is responsible for the ideas and execution of all the programs during the course of the festival, as well as maintaining the relationship between Canadian and international film industry. Cameron Bailey has won a Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal and has obtained an honorary degree at Humber College. He was listed the one of the top 50 Toronto's Most Influential Figures by "Toronto Life". From 2010 to 2011, Bailey acted as the Co-chair Arts & Culture Working Group of Toronto's CivicAction.

Ivor Benjamin is currently President of the Directors Guild of Great Britain (DGGB), Director of the Directors Guild Trust and Chairman of the CIC. Benjamin has been committed to developing the DGGB into a cross-media training and events organization. The DGGB propelled the launching of the London "China Image Film Festival" under his leadership and he was the chair of the British jury at for the festival in 2011 and 2012. Ivor Benjamin is a director and screenwriter. He actively advocates live performing art. Under the great support of Ivor Benjamin and the DGGB, the China Image Film Festival has become the largest Chinese film festival in Europe, and also the only Chinese film trading platform in the UK.

Geoff Brown, renowned Australian producer, joined the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) in 1994 and served as its Commercial Affairs Manager. He was Executive Director of the SPAA from 2002 to the end of 2012 before his retirement. He is director of the board directors for the Australian Film Institute and Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts. He is on the Executive Committee of FIAPF, the international film producers association based in Paris, and is the Co Chair of FIAPF's Asia Pacific Policy Committee and image ambassador for Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

Gu Changwei, famous Chinese cinematographer and director. His works include "King of the Children" (1987), "Red Sorghum" (1987), "Farewell My Concubine" (1993), and "In the Heat of the Sun" (1995). Both "King of the Children", "Red Sorghum" won Best Cinematography at the China Golden Rooster Awards in the same year (1988), "Farewell My Concubine" was nominated for best Cinematography at the Academy Awards (1993). His works as a director include "Peacock" (2005), "And the Spring Comes" (2007), and "Love for Life" (2011). "Peacock" won the Jury Grand Prix at the Berlin International Film Festival (2005), and "And the Spring Comes" won Best Actress at the Rome Film Festival.

Jekyu Kang, a famous South Korean film director and producer, is known as the most famous movie genius in Asia. In 1996, his debut film "The Gingko Bed" caused a sensation. In 1999, his second work "Shiri" became the most successful and the highest-grossing film in South Korean film history and won him the Special Jury Prize at Asia-Pacific Film Festival.

Zhang Yibai, a famous Chinese film director and producer, is currently the Senior Vice President of Beijing Galloping Horse Culture Media Co., Ltd. His works as a director include "Eternal Moment", "Lost Indulgence", "Curiosity Killed the Cat", "The Longest Night in Shanghai", "Spring Subway" and so on. His works as a producer include "Go LaLa Go!". His works have won praise at film festivals both at home and abroad: "Spring Subway" (2002) won Best Picture at the Beijing College Student Film Festival, "About Love" (2005) won Best Co-Production Award at the China Movie Awards, "Eternal Moment" (2011) created a craze for nostalgia in China and became one of the most talk about topics in China that year.

It is reported that the "Temple of Heaven Awards" international jury will present 10 awards during the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival's "Temple of Heaven Awards", which will be announced at the closing ceremony and awards ceremony to be held on April 23.

Source: Offcial website of BJIFF

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