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Nikita Mikhalkov Leads Temple of Heaven Awards Jury

2013-04-03 13:52:02        Chinese Films

Born in 1945, Moscow, being an actor to start his career, Nikita Mikhalkov then developed into a director and producer and created his own movies. As a well-know director and actor in Russia, he is also quite successful in producing movie and has directed several prestigious films such as "Slave of Love", "Urga", "Burnt By The Sun", "The Barber Of Siberia", "12 Angry Men", etc.

Nikita Mikhalkov's films have world-wide influences with the distinguished Russian characteristics. He has made a perfect combination between the national qualities of Russia, internationality, commercial value and the art, which makes his works have the unique charm. His film "At Home Among Strangers" has won the Jury Award in Delhi International Film Festival in 1975; he has won the best director award for "Slave of Love" in Tehran International Film Festival (1976); "Five Evenings" has won the best actor award in Valladolid International Film Festival (1979); "Oblomov – Few Days in Life" has won the British Oxford Golden Shield Award and the Best Foreign Language Film of NSFC (1981); "Without Witness" has won the Picture Association of Spanish Award in Valladolid International Film Festival (1984); "Dark Eyes" has won the best performance award in Cannes International Film Festival (1987); "Urga" has won Golden Lion in Venice Film Festival (1991); "Burnt By The Sun" has won the Cannes Grand Jury Prize (1994), the Best Foreign Language Film of Oscar (1995) and Russian Federation National Award (1995); "12 Angry Men" has won the Special Golden Lion in Venice Film Festival (2007).

As the Chairman of Russian culture Fund and the Chairman of Russian Federation Film Association, Nikita Mikhalkov also is the board member of European Film Academy, official member of Russian Human Sciences Academy and the professor of San Marino College of Human Sciences. He has won the Akira Kurosawa Lifetime Achievement Award in Tokyo International Film Festival in 2008.

There are many other nation-level awards of Nikita Mikhalkov including Order of the Red Banner of 1987, Second Award of Nation Legion of Merit in 1995, First-class Landau nie sergei Medal in 1997, Second Award of Nation Legion of Merit in 2005, French Art and Literature Medal in 1992, French Art and Literature Medal in 1994, Cavallier Glencoe Rocky Medal in 2004, Golden Medal of Culture Merit (Honorary Artist) in 2005.

Source: official website of BJIFF

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