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BJIFF Introduces Temple of Heaven Awards

2013-04-03 13:43:26        Chinese Films

The 3rd Beijing International Film Festival will see the new competition section for participating films—the Temple of Heaven Awards (Tiantan Awards). The Temple of Heaven Awards will include three segments: submission of entries, announcement of the nominees, and official selection. The Organizing Committee has collected a wide range of outstanding films to take part in the awards. The Selection Committee then chooses the nominated films from the list of entries. The International Awards Committee finalizes the winners of each award based on the Competition Regulations, and the results of each award will be officially announced at the Closing Award Ceremony on the evening of April 23rd.

In the process of organizing the competition, the organizing committee fully reflected the core value of "天人合一 美美与共" to assemble excellent global films in accordance with the first-class standards, embodying international vision and humanistic feelings, seeking harmony in diversity, and impartially selected the film art works with international influence by strictly following the standards, striving to develop the Temple of Heaven Awards into the soul and the core element for improving the influence of Beijing International Film Festival.

It is the core value of the "Temple of Heaven Award" to seek for the "Unity of Human and Nature" and "Shared Aesthetics of the Globe". The ideology of "Unity of Human and Nature" reflects the common ideal of the world for harmonious developments and mutual benefits by cooperation. And the ideology of "Shared Aesthetics of the Globe" highlights the idea to respect cultures of different ethnic groups while respecting and developing our own and to boost the mutual references and inclusions among cultures for the collective developments and prosperity of the human civilization. The "Unity of Human and Nature" and "Shared Aesthetics of the Globe" is the pertinent interpretation of the tenet of the Beijing International Film Festival, which is "Sharing Resources, Sharing the Future", as well as the orientation and objective of the award evaluation of the "Temple of Heaven Award". Also, it outlines the blueprint that the movie practitioners in Beijing and China would like to join hands with global film industries by means of communications and dialogues for mutual benefits and for the harmonious developments of the film industry of the world.

The design ideas of Temple of Heaven Award was originated from the core value of "Unity of Human and Nature and Shared Aesthetics of the Globe", epitomizing the keynote of "Sharing resources and winning the future" of the Beijing International Film Festival, reflecting criterions and targets of award voting, fully expressing the dialogue between Beijing Film and China Film and the world film, achieving mutual benefits and win-win situation and jointly expressing the beautiful dreams of harmoniously developing world films.

The trophy is designed to highlight three main features, firstly, tradition, trophy takes use of painted pottery figures of Chinese Han Dynasty handmaiden who used to flick her long sleeves and stone sculpture techniques, and combines traditional Chinese sleeves dance and silhouette of Temple of Heaven, the sleeves thrown in air graceful forms the silhouette outline of the Temple of Heaven, directly and clearly express the name of trophy --"Temple of Heaven Award". Secondly, modern shape. Trophy does not show the clear facial feature of the figures and combines the arm's tough shape contour with soft streamers by using abstract art techniques also forms obvious contrast and beauty between strength and soft beauty. Thirdly, convey blessings. The figure on trophy throws out long sleeves and crosses them in the air, as if hands clasp together, implicating the good wishes; height of trophy is 45 cm, 9cm of which is base, 36cm of which is the body of trophy, they are all multiples of 9, implying the highest honor of Temple of Heaven Award. "9" and "forever" are homonym, and also the number that people like to express blessing and luckiness.

The trophy of Temple of Heaven Award embodies the perfect combination of modern technology and traditional crafts in the production. By using the latest 3D printing and scanning technology, the base is made with modern industrial CNC machining technology, the body is made with arts and crafts production, hand-polishing and gold plating which are the traditional Chinese techniques.

Award for Best Picture

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Music

Best Visual Effects

Source: official website of BJIFF

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