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"Conspirators" to Compete with "Iron Man 3"

2013-04-02 14:35:39        Chinese Films

Aaron Kwok(left), Nick Cheung(right) and Jiang Yiyan(center) at the press conference of "Conspirators." [Photo:]

The suspense action movie "Conspirators" is set to hit national screens on April 27, producer Zhang Zhao announced at the movie's first press conference yesterday in Beijing, reports.

Director Oxide Pang Chun attended the event along with lead actors Aaron Kwok, Nick Cheung and Jiang Yiyan.

In "Conspirators," Kwok plays a private detective who tries to catch the killer who murdered his parents 30 years ago, while Cheung plays the other private detective who helps Kwok find out the truth. This is the first time the two stars have worked together on the same project.

Cheung has been nominated for the Best Leading Actor category at the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards, and Jiang Yiyan, the only lead actress in the movie, is competing for the Best Supporting Actress at the event.

Zhang Zhao said the production company postponed the film's release date to join the Labor Day holiday slot competition. He was very confident at the press conference about the box office performance of "Conspirators" and "So Young," the debut work of Vicki Zhao, going up against "Iron Man 3."

By Chen Nan

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