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Box Office Week 12: 'Seeking Mr. Right'Leads, 'Journey' Cools off

2013-03-29 09:05:03        Chinese Films

According to entFilmbase's China film box office statistics, the mainland box office gross in the 12th week of 2013(Mar. 18-Mar. 24, 2013) totaled ¥264 million(about $42 million), up 3% compared to last week anda 32% increase y-o-y. Moviegoers this week totaled 7.75 million.

With good word of mouth, Seeking Mr. Right raked in $12 million through four days in release, good enough to edge out A Good Day to Die Hard 's $11.8 million weekly total. Hollywood Sci-Fi flick Resident Evil: Retribution also managed to haul in $11.3 million during third week in March. Finally, Chinese domestic blockbuster Journey to the West added another $0.93 million for a new cume of $196.74 million, which brings it quite close to the domestic all-time box office record, but it's not quite there yet. This week, the top three films at the box office accounted for 84% of the ticket sales total.

Starring Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo, the contemporary, homegrown comedy Seeking Mr. Right shared 28.5% of the weekly revenue in mainland cinemas, a strong vote of confidence for the successful marketing of EDKO and SMG. As the chart below shows, films outside the top three hardly kept up this week.

Seeking Mr. Right's daily gross surpassed ¥25 million ($3.98 million) on both Saturday and Sunday, almost equivalent to the sum total of the two Hollywood flicks' daily gross combined. With the high per showing average of ¥10.6 million ($1.69 million), plus the admissions per showing of 33, Seeking Mr. Right quickly grabbed the box office crown after four days in release.

Source: EntGroup

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