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Asia Expands World Box Office

2013-03-26 09:42:10        Chinese Films

Five of the world's top ten film markets are in the Asia-Pacific region, new data from the Motion Picture Association confirmed.

Overall the world's theatrical box office grew by 6% in 2012 to $34.7 billion, with Asia Pacific growing more strongly than the rest of the world at 15%.

The MPA figures showed that Asia is now very nearly as big as Europe and North America. Asia reached $10.4 billion, while Europe retreated by 1% to 10.7%.

While North America remains the world's biggest box office territory, growing 6% last year to $10.8 billion, five of the other places in the top ten chart were accounted for by Asian territories: China ($2.7 billion); Japan ($2.4 billion); India ($1.4 billion); South Korea ($1.3 billion) and Australia ($1.2 billion).

In 2012 Asia accounted for 30% of the world box office market. On current trends it will overtake North America and Europe to become the single biggest box office territory.

At the end of 2012 Asia-Pacific had 37,100 cinema screens, of which 14,200 were 3-D digital, 8,760 were digital 2-D and 14,200 were traditional analogue formats. Some 62% of cinema screens in Asia are now digital, the second highest of all regions and only a fraction behind Latin America's 63% figure.

Source: Film Business Asia

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