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China to Set up Broadcasting Operations Firm

2013-03-25 10:50:21        China Daily

China will establish a State-owned broadcasting network company to further integrate the nation's television and radio resources, the Shanghai Securities News reported on Friday, citing a government official.

This is the government's latest move to push the integration of the Internet, broadcasting and telecommunications networks. The new company will play a leading role in the broadcasting network integration.

The major task for the new company will be to set up and operate "a highly integrated" broadcasting network, said Wang Xiaojie, head of the technology department at the State Administration of Radio and Television.

The industry watchdog didn't disclose when the company will start operations.

Wang also said the company will provide more broadcasting services and support to radio and TV stations.

The company will be able to provide more than 100 types of services by 2015, according to Wang.

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