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Luc Besson to Attend Beijing Int'l Film Festival

2013-03-25 09:21:20 Quarterly

Luc Besson at the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival. [Photo: CRI]

French director Luc Besson will be appearing at the Chinese and Foreign Movies Cooperation Forum during the Beijing International Film Festival in April.

The forum gathers famous filmmakers from near and far to discuss film opportunities and cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Luc Besson is known for his films "Subway", "Nikita" and "Leon: The Professional", and has written screenplays for over 20 films including the popular "Taken" series.

The Beijing International Film Festival opens on April 16.

Fifteen films will be competing for the top Temple of Heaven Awards, including two Chinese films "Back to 1942" and "Feng Shui".

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