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Hong Kong Movie Awarded in Osaka Asian Film Festival

2013-03-19 09:38:37        xinhua

A poster of "Love in the Buff." [Photo: douban]

The Hong Kong movie entitled " Love in the Buff" has won the Audience Award in the competition section of the Osaka Asian Film Festival this year, according to the local government press release on Monday.

The award is presented to the movie which gains the highest number of supporting votes from the audience of the film festival.

Congratulating the creative talents of "Love in the Buff", the Principal Hong Kong Economic and Trade Representative (Tokyo) Sally Wong said that the winning of an award elected by the audience is a reflection of the love of Japanese fans for Hong Kong movies.

"The tireless efforts and abundant creativity of Hong Kong filmmakers have made the film industry the flagship of our creative industries and enabled it to grow and thrive, and have led to their works being acclaimed worldwide.

"We will continue our efforts to promote quality Hong Kong films to the Japanese people," she added.

"Love in the Buff", directed by local filmmaker Pang Ho-cheung, was one of the four Hong Kong movies selected for screening in the film festival, which was held in Osaka, Japan, from March 8 to 17, under a special program -- "Special Focus on Hong Kong".

The program was organized by the festival with the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Tokyo) of the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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