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Beijing Film Festival Announces Competition Lineup

2013-03-13 09:10:41 Quarterly

Poster of the Chinese film "Back to 1942", which is among the 15 films nominated for the Temple of Heaven Awards at the 2013 Beijing International Film Festival. [Photo:]

Fifteen feature films, including Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's wartime drama "Back to 1942", have been nominated for the top prize at this year's Beijing International Film Festival, organizers announced on Monday, March 11.

The films are up for the Temple of Heaven Awards, which honor filmmaking in 10 categories, including best film, director, actor and actress, supporting actor and actress, screenplay, cinematography, film score, and visual effects.

The Beijing International Film Festival, which will hold its third event this year, has included a competition for the first time.

Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov will head the jury.

The festival will open on April 16. Winners of the Temple of Heaven Awards will be announced at the closing ceremony on April 23.

Films in competition for the Temple of Heaven Awards

"Back to 1942" (China)

"Feng Shui" (China)

"Great Expectations" (UK)

"Gone Fishing" (Argentina)

"Home for the Weekend" (Germany)

"If Only Everyone" (Armenia)

"Inch'Allah" (Canada/France)

"Lore" (Australia)

"Maddened By His Absence" (France)

"Manslaughter" (The Netherlands)

"My German Friend" (Germany)

"Modest Reception" (Iran)

"Song for Marion" (UK)

"The Fantastic World of Juan Orol" (Mexico)

"What the Day Owes the Night" (France)

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