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Deauville Asian Film Festival Honors China

2013-03-11 09:37:53        Chinese Films

Chen Kaige's "Caught in the Web" was honored by the festival. [Photo: douban]

The annual Deauville Asian Film Festival has begun in northwestern France. Founded in 1999, it has become one of the largest Asian film festivals in Europe.

For five days, a refreshing breeze laden with oriental mysteries and legends will flow through Deauville.

Every year, some 20 thousand festival goers open the doors to Asia and discover the talent of another continent. This year, a total of nine movies from China, South Korea, Iran, India, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines are all in the running.

Jury president Jerome Clement said, "This year's festival aims to promote Chinese films among public, especially French people through competition. I think the film festival like this is very important because it can show the Chinese films in the competition to the world."

The festival celebrates the diversity and wealth of Asian talent. This year, it honors China by including "The Last Supper" by Lu Chuan, as well as "Caught in the Web" by Chen Kaige.

The festival also pays special tribute to Chinese director Wang Kar wai and Japanese director Sion Sono. Seven films by each of them will be screened.


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