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"Saving General Yang" Premieres in Beijing

2013-03-07 13:28:46        Chinese Films

"Saving General Yang" Premieres in Beijing. [Photo:]

A press conference for the film "Saving General Yang" was held yesterday in Beijing, reports.

Director Ronnie Yu was accompanied by lead actors Ekin Cheng, Yu Bo, Vic Chou, Raymond Lam, Wu Chun and Shao Bing at the event.

The story of the Yang family has been popular material for TV and film makers. However one adaptation in 2011, produced by Jackie Chan called "Legendary Amazons," proved to be a huge failure.

But director Yu said he had a lot of confidence and had prepared for the movie for three years. He also added that it took one year to create the special effects and the film received very good reviews at previews.

"Saving General Yang" will hit national screens on April 4. A new trailer was also released during the conference.

By Chen Nan

New trailer of "Saving General Yang." [Video courtesy of]

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