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Screen Fever after the Spring Festival Holiday

2013-03-04 09:46:03        Global Times

With over 30 movies on the schedule, March is quite a crowded month for movie screening. After the Chinese Spring Festival season, a period left for domestic movies, almost a dozen Hollywood blockbusters will come together this month; and as holidays like the White Valentine's Day, Women's Day and April Fool's Day are all around the corner, there will be quite a number of different types of movies.

Magic and Sci-fi feast

Fans of fantasy or science fiction will find a lot to watch this month including The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Upside Down, Resident Evil: Retribution and Oz The Great and Powerful.

Having journeyed to the Chinese mainland more than a week ago, The Hobbit has already gained both acclaim and criticism. For "middle-earth" followers, it will never be too much to have another story. At the same time, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of New Zealand as much of the country's natural gifts are captured in the film. However, for those who have seldom watched The Lord of the Ring series, spending two and a half hours watching a prequel may be a little boring.

Also as an adaptation of a legendary story, Oz The Great and Powerful is just the right dish for children and adult audiences who still believe in fairytales. Having the same producer as Alice in Wonderland, Oz is going to take moviegoers on another wonderland journey. In the film, Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a small-time magician is taken to the land of Oz by a tornado where he is mistakenly regarded as a great wizard. Yet three witches doubt his ability and Oscar is drawn into the inner crisis of the land of Oz.

While The Hobbit and Oz rely more on fairytales, Upside Down and Resident Evil are based more on science fiction.

In Upside Down, the story takes place on a unique planet with dual gravity. The people on the "up" side are rich while those living on the "down" part are poor. There are strict prohibitions from going from one part to the other, but between Adam (Jim Sturgess), a young man from below, and Eden (Kirsten Dunst), a woman from above, a budding romance rises to challenge unreasonable rules.

Following the previous four Resident Evil stories, the fifth entry in the franchise, Retribution, will see the reunion of some familiar faces like Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) from Apocalypse (2004), Rain Ocampo (Michelle Rodriguez) from the first Resident Evil (2002), and Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) from Afterlife (2010). Yet in this film, it seems that not all of them are friends with the protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich).

If the fighting in Retribution is not enough to heat up your blood, A Good Day to Die Hard can be added to your list as well. As an action series that began 25 years ago, the character Bruce Willis portrays has already deeply impressed the audience. Now at the age of 58, Willis still challenges thrilling scenes like explosions, car racing and gun fights.

Romance and comedy

As White Valentine's Day approaches, five romantic movies have also been put on the schedule. Among them , Ocean Heaven director Xue Xiaolu's romantic comedy Finding Mr. Right is the most expected.

Starring Lust, Caution leading actress Tang Wei and TV opera star Wu Xiubo, Finding Mr. Right starts with the story that Wen Jiajia (Tang Wei), the girlfriend of a wealthy man, regards brand names as the necessities of life while love is a luxury item - that is until she meets Frank (Wu Xiubo) in the US. Although the plot seems a little old fashioned, before its debut on the Chinese mainland on March 21, it has already received a lot of good feedback. wrote in its review that "Tang's immense likeability in her alternately sassy and vulnerable role… holds it all together. Finding Mr. Right thrives on the effortless charisma of its lead actress."

"It does not play on tricks or being garrulous. It is serious in making a story and setting a plot. [If it gains success in the market] it will have stronger meaning than Love is Not Blind, because it relies on the accuracy of film language and rhythm. It is a reflection of the progress of Chinese romantic comedy," writes moviegoer "Ma Sheng" on movie critic website

Do you think love can be deposited in a bank and how much interest would you get? You can find the answers in a cafe named Love Deposit. According to the rules in the cafe, lovers can save videos of their expressions of love at the cafe for a year. But a year later, if they have broken up, the videos will be demolished and their cash deposit for each video be kept as operation funds for the cafe.

In order to get her video back, Zhou Xiaoyu (Zhou Hong) starts a seesaw battle with the cafe's boss Muyang (Xia Yu), and at the same time, she discovers the hidden stories of the cafe.

Besides these two, romantic moviegoers can also choose from Fall In Love, Chasing is Hurting or Morning Call.

After movies like Lost in Thailand and Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, actor Huang Bo has now become a synonym with comedy and a box-office winner. And in late March, he will star in another comedy - The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel. Set against the background of Beijing during World War II, the movie is aimed at making the audience laugh at all kinds of exaggerated and ugly characters.

Artistic works

If you are looking for classic movies with deeper themes, newly imported works like Les Miserables and The Iron Lady will meet your demands. Though it has been a long time, since these two Oscar winning movies debuted in North America, classics never fade away with time.

Recent years have seen more and more artistic works, like A Separation and The Artist, being imported and screened in commercial cinemas in China. The number of domestic artistic movies is also on rise. And although the box office results are not very good, it is still a hopeful sign that a more diversified market is developing.

In general, however, domestic movies still experience severe competition from Hollywood blockbusters, and the near-term prospects do not look good for homemade productions.

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