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"An End to Killing" To Be Released in May

2013-02-21 16:44:43        Chinese Films

A still of "An End to Killing." [Photo:]

"An End to Killing," an epic movie about the real story of the infamous Mongolian warrior Genghis Khan, is slated for release in mainland cinemas on May 22, reports.

The movie was produced by top filmmakers from China, Japan and South Korea.

Rising star Yu Shaoqun, actor Geng Le and actress Li Xiaoran were featured as the lead characters.

"An End to Killing" recalls Khan's conquest of western countries in the 13th century, killed numerous people in the process. By that time, Qiu Chuiji was the leader of Chinese Taoism. He caught up with the Mongolian army and talked to Khan. legend has it that Khan stopped his killing rampage after he heard only one sentence from Qiu.

By Chen Nan

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