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Movie Star Chow Attends Guangdong CPPCC as Political Adviser

2013-01-29 10:40:45 Quarterly

Stephen Chow, the Hong Kong comedian, film director and a political adviser to Guangdong province, is surrounded by reporters in the provincial capital, Guangzhou, on Friday, Jan. 26, 2013. [Photo: .CRI Online/]

Stephen Chow, a popular Hong Kong actor and director, elected as the political adviser of Guangdong, a southern Chinese province neighboring Hong Kong, showed up on Friday morning in Guangzhou after being absent for the first two days of the annual session of the Guangdong committee of China's political advisory body.

Chow explained that he missed the conference for the first two days due to his film's tight schedule; however, he was much honored to become part of the political advisory body.

Chow arrived at the city's conference hall about 9:40 am, more than half an hour after the opening of the Guangdong annual legislature session. Both Chow and Chow's assistant said that their late arrival because of the heavy traffic.

Chow said that he came to attend the conference to learn and tried his best to perform his role well.

Chow said that he needs time to prepare before he makes a proposal, which is related to the culture and film industries.

Su Zhengwu, an official with the Guangdong committee, said the participation of Hong Kong celebrities in local political affairs will help boost cooperation in the artistic field.

"A political adviser has to be influential in his or her own field. Chow, as a celebrity, is certainly qualified for the post," Su said.

Su added that Chow has promised to perform the duties required of a political adviser. But he needs some time to understand the process.

After the opening of the local legislature session, Chow did not attend a panel discussion on Friday afternoon.

Lin Qiucheng, a Guangdong political adviser said that political advisers, especially influential participants, should balance their work and the conference; and that the conference only lasts a few days. Chow's absence in the first two days has some negative impact. He should take his duty as it is defined.

At the first day of the advisory body's session on Wednesday, more than 10 advisers asked for a leave of absence.

Ma Dingsheng, a host on Phoenix Television said that Chow's absence is a great pity, both for the conference and himself. As a comic star, he should tell the public that he is not a person who simply makes jokes.

Chow is not the first celebrity from Hong Kong to be appointed a political adviser in Guangdong because the cultural and artistic cooperation between the special administrative region and the mainland has been greatly boosted in recent years.

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