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007 Exhibition to Hit Shanghai This March

2013-01-25 15:01:39        Chinese Films

A special exhibition honoring Britain's famous James Bond is set to hit Shanghai this March.


"Skyfall" has just opened in Chinese cinemas, and a special exhibition honoring Britain's famous James Bond is set to hit Shanghai this March. "Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style" is the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to Bond, featuring costumes, props, models, gadgets, concept artwork, storyboards and other artifacts from the series.

"Bond, James Bond."

Ever since Sean Connery suavely uttered his name at the beginning of the film Dr. No, Agent 007 has captured the world's imagination. The latest Bond film, "Skyfall," recently opened in China to rave reviews.

In the five decades since, the screen hero has not only headlined the most successful franchise in film history, he has made an indelible impact in the fields of art, music, fashion, technology, travel, and automobile design.

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 and golden gun are among the Bond movie memorabilia that will go on display in Shanghai. The exhibition will feature 587 props used in 23 films over 50 years, as well as costumes worn by Bond Girls, such as the red gown worn by Sophie Marceau in "The World Is Not Enough".

Organizers in Shanghai are contacting past James Bonds and Bond girls to help out with promotion.

Xie Dingwei, organizer of "Design 007" in Shanghai, said, "Among all the James Bond, Pierce Brosnan is mostly likely to come. As to the Bond girls, we are in contact with Chinese actress Michelle Yeoh."

The exhibition will open at the Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai on March 28, and run till the end of June.

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