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Mainland Box Office Chart for Week 3, 2013

2013-01-25 14:32:21        Chinese Films

Source: EntGroup Consulting

According to entFilmbase's China film box office statistics, the mainland box office gross in the 3rd week of 2013(Jan 14-Jan 20, 2013) was¥289.61 million (about $46 million USD), decreased 13% compared to last week andincreased 12% y-o-y. Moviegoers this week totaled 8.65 million.

The Grandmaster reclaimed box office champion with ¥86.4 million, which accumulated to a solid total of ¥252.11 million. Bring Happiness Home flashed the audiences with a weekly gross of ¥84.15 million, leading the mainland box office chart in its opening six days. Lost in Thailand and CZ 12 scored ¥30.7 million and ¥50.4 million for each, whose cumulative box office hit ¥1248.12 million and ¥858.61 million separately through last Sunday.Produced by Showbox and CJ Venture Investment in Korea, The Thieves earned ¥18.6 million during its six-day run in China.

Now that the Chinese film market is transferring from the New-Year movie season to the Chinese New Year season, the weekly box office kept being low. This week, six films including Bring Happiness Home, The King of Comedy and The Thieves started their theatrical runs. With the release of Skyfall, the market will be warmed up slowly. According to entFilmbase, Skyfall grossed 31.2 million in its opeing day on January 21.

Bring Happiness Home, a spin-off of a popular Chinese cable TV show called Happy Camp, hauled in ¥84.15 million through six days in release, which almost edged out The Grandmaster. As a celebration of Happy Camp's 15th Anniversary, the success of the low-budget comedy might attribute to the clear target audiences. This variety show has been a TV hit among Chinese youngsters for really a long time, having a huge amount of fans that will obviously support the five hosts (He Jiong, Xie Na, Li Weijia, Haitao and Wu Xin) that starring in it.

B.O. Market Share by city: According to entFilmbase's stats, The Grandmaster and Bring Happiness Home shared the same B.O. Top 15 cities. The latter enjoyed much more balanced box office spread in different areas. Revenue generated in Hunan Province accounted for 3.7% of its total gross, 1.2% higher than the martial arts flick. With Wong Kai-wai's artistic taste, The Grandmaster's major gross came from Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing, while the spin-off of TV show won a wide range of moviegoers including TV fans in a large scale.

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