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Paramount Pictures Signs Deal with China's BesTV

2013-01-24 10:00:32        xinhua
U.S. film giant Paramount Pictures has signed a copyright deal with BesTV New Media, a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group, offering top movies to the Chinese audience.

According to the deal, BesTV will have the copyrights of Paramount films, including the Academy Award-winning film "Hugo," as well as new releases. It will broadcast them via its Internet TV and IPTV Premiere services.

Established in 1912, Paramount has produced many blockbuster movies.

The first batch of films to be shown by BesTV are Paramount series -- "Mission Impossible," "Transformers" and "Star Trek." Films like "Forest Gump" and "Ghost" will follow.

Industry expert, Bao Ran, chief of Digital Entertainment Industry Applications Group, said the deal was a sign of the American movie industry increasingly focusing its attention on the Chinese market, as China's fast growing new media and Internet sectors are luring audiences with Hollywood blockbusters.

BesTV boasts tens of millions of subscribers in China. The company has previously signed cooperation deals with other film producers such as Disney and Warner Bros.

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