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"Journey to the West" Set to Debut

2013-01-10 14:11:31        Chinese Films

(L-R) Taiwanese actor Show Lo, Hong Kong actor-turned-director Stephen Chow and actress Shu Qi attend a news conference on their new movie Journey to the West in Hong Kong January 8, 2013. [Photo:]

Another movie for audiences to look forward to comes from a man who has made millions of Chinese laugh. Hong Kong comedic genius Stephen Chow recently announced his comeback film, "Journey to the West", which will be released before Chinese Lunar New Year. And now the actor-turned-director is taking his all-star cast on a promotional tour.

Renowned Taiwan actress Shu Qi and singer Show Luo appeared at a Hong Kong press conference to support their director and producer, Hong Kong's favourite comedian Stephen Chow.

Chow's first film in five years, "Journey to the West", has been long anticipated by his fans. It's loosely based on the classic Chinese myth of the same name, and has echoes of Chow's classic 1990's hits, "A Chinese Odyssey - Pandora's Box" and "Cinderella". But this time, Chow resisted acting in the film.

Chow said, "I thought about making a cameo in the film. However, I didn't go through with it. Shu Qi encouraged me to act everyday on set. She tells me I'm good enough, I can do it. But when I see Show Luo. I know I should make way for guys like him. He made me feel like I shouldn't act anymore."

And for an established entertainer like Show Luo, working with Chow was like a dream come true. Especially he's been a fan since he was little.

Luo said, "I can feel the spirit of comedy when working with the group. When makeup artists began making my face really pale, they told me it was director's orders. It took me a while to find out that they were playing a joke on me. But I laughed a lot as well."

Although Chow has starred in many films, he plans to stay behind the camera for the time being. He says he'll try to do as much as he can, but whether or not he appears on screen depends on the circumstances during filming.

"Journey to the West" will be released before Chinese Lunar New Year in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


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