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China's Box Office Breaks 17 Billion RMB in 2012

2013-01-10 13:52:43        Chinese Films

Source: EntGroup Consulting

According to EntGroup's newest data, China witnessed a huge boom in the domestic box office growth in the year 2012. The total gross reached 17.073 billion RMB, a 30.18% increase y-o-y. Domestic movies accounted for 48.46% with the total box office sales of 8.273 billion RMB.

Last year, foreign films overtook domestic productions for the very first time with a total gross of 5.267 billion RMB, of which 12 raked in over 100 million RMB. This is an end of the old era in China's film market, which might be good news for filmmakers outside the Chinese mainland.

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