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Hong Kong BO up 12% in 2012

2013-01-05 15:10:54        Chinese Films

Hong Kong box office grew 12% in 2012, from HK$1.39 billion (US$180 million) to HK$1.56 billion (US$201 million). The number of films released grew 9% from 276 to 300, however the number of local releases dropped from 56 to 50.

Three superhero films topped the box office, The Avengers with HK$96.7 million (US$12.5 million), The Dark Knight Rises on HK$80.3 million (US$10.4 million) and The Amazing Spider-Man with HK$62.0 million (US$8.00 million).

Still on release, Life of Pi, Skyfall and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ended the year on HK$42.0 million (US$5.41 million), HK$37.6 million (US$4.90 million) and HK$34.3 million (US$4.42 million) respectively.

Only one local film was among the top ten of the year, Longman LEUNG and Sunny LUK crime thriller Cold War (pictured) starring Aaron KWOK and Tony LEUNG Ka-fai. It grossed HK$42.7 million (US$5.5 million).

Outside the overall top ten, two PANG Ho-cheung films ranked second- and third-placed among local titles, Vulgaria with HK$30.1 million (US$3.88 million) and Love in the Buff  with HK$28.0 million (US$3.61 million).

In fourth and fifth places among locally-made films were Ann HUI's A Simple Life (2011) with HK$27.9 million (US$3.60 million) and Dante LAM's The Viral Factor with HK$22.2 million (US$2.87 million).

The box office data was supplied by the Motion Picture Industry Association Ltd (MPIA) which did not provide a breakdown of market share by box office.

Source: Film Business Asia

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