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Huang Xiaoming is China's Best Paid Actor in 2012

2012-12-31 10:23:25        Chinese Films

Huang Xiaoming [Photo: douban]

Injured or not, Huang Xiaoming has proven himself to be the most sought after Chinese actor in 2012, holding the top spot for mainland China's best-paid celebrities list of 2012.

As reported on Jayne Stars, by earning a total of CNY 392 million (app. USD 63 million), Huang Xiaoming grabbed the number one spot as the highest earning mainland Chinese celebrity of the year.

The actor, who established his own production studio in 2011, was also involved in many aspects of the business as well as invested in real estates and stocks.

He was also involved in eight movie projects and a drama, "The Patriot Yue Fei" this year, making the actor the best-paid celebrity for 2012.

Meanwhile, one of the most busy actors in the business, Nicky Wu was named the second best-paid celebrity, earning over CNY 200 million (app. USD 32 million) this year with two successful television dramas through his own production studio.

Third place went to actress Fan Bingbing, whose latest Chinese thriller "Double Xposure" earned CNY 100 million in the Chinese box office. Fan Bingbing Studio currently has 15 staff members, including one manager, one promotional director, one assistant, cameramen, and stylists.

Li Bingbing placed fourth in the list with her studio main income coming from her own films and endorsements, amounting to CNY 180 million in 2012. Meanwhile, actress Ruby Lin was the last in the top 5 list, managing to earn over CNY 90 million this year through her studio alone.


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