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Chow Yun-fat Promotes "The Last Tycoon" in Shanghai

2012-12-18 14:16:35        Chinese Films

Chow Yun-fat promotes "The Last Tycoon" in Shanghai. [Photo: xinhua]

Competition during the New Year's season in China's film market is growing intense with Chow Yun-fat's gangster movie "The Last Tycoon" scheduled for release on December 21, only a day behind Jackie Chan's "Chinese Zodiac 12."

Chow Yun-fat attended a press conference yesterday in Shanghai to promote his up-coming film, reports.

He was accompanied by costars Huang Xiaoming, Francis Ng, Feng Wenjuan, Yuan Quan and Gao Hu at the event. Director Wong Jing and writer Manfred Wong also joined them to build momentum for the movie's release.

After breaking his foot last month, actor Huang Xiaoming had been absent from the movie's previous promotional events. But on Monday he appeared onstage in a wheelchair, hoping his presence would raise more interest in the movie.

Bona Film Group produced the film and is in charge of its distribution in China.

By Chen Nan

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